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Comprehensive list of moving tasks

Your move is coming up soon and you don’t know where to start? Download this free resource with +15 steps for you to follow before and during the move!

Haul ATX - List - Moving Checklist Resource Download
Haul ATX - Interactive - Moving Checklist Resource Download

Interactive Checklist

Want to stay paperless? With our checklist, you can! Check those tasks as you go through them right from your device and save the trees doing so!

Please note: Not all PDF readers and web browsers support the interactive features of our checklist.

Interactive Checklist

Want to stay paperless? With our checklist, you can! Check those tasks as you go through them right from your device and save the trees doing so!

Please note: Not all PDF readers and web browsers support the interactive features of our checklist.

Haul ATX - Interactive - Moving Checklist Resource Download

Created by moving professionals

With over 300 moves under our belts, our team has responded to a fair share of underwhelmingly prepared movers – movers who could have used a thorough checklist to guide them towards a smooth moving experience.

This is why our professionals have put together this list, with easy to follow steps as well as a series of “pro tips” that can save you time, space and effort throughout your move!

Don’t forget to check out the links in those tips, as they point to videos that show exactly how you can put those tips in practice.

Haul ATX - Team - Moving Checklist Resource Download

Moving Checklist FAQ

Why Choose Us

Haul ATX - Reliable and Efficient - Moving Checklist Resource Download

Reliable and Efficient

We take pride in our moving team’s work ethic and efficiency, always showing up on time and working quickly and carefully to get your move done right.

Haul ATX - Communication - Moving Checklist Resource Download


We keep our Austin clients informed and up-to-date throughout the moving process, ensuring a stress-free experience.

Haul ATX - Positive Attitude - Moving Checklist Resource Download

Positive Attitude

We approach every job with a smile and a can-do attitude, striving to make our clients feel at ease and happy during their move.

Download our Moving Checklist!

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A little something about us

Haul ATX - About - Moving Checklist Resource Download

What started as a simple, one-man couch flipping gig in the spring of 2023 is now Haul ATX, one of the top rated and fastest growing moving companies in the Greater Austin and San Antonio area.

But you might ask yourself, “how does one grow a moving company so fast?” The secret to our success lies with our team. We are young, motivated people who live in Austin and seek to embody all the qualities that are associated with the city. We strive for excellency and professionalism, yet always emphasizing empathy and a deep sense of community in each service we perform.

Whenever we help someone move in the city, it’s more than just business – we have a personal stake in it. It’s our responsibility to ensure complete satisfaction to our customers, not just because it’s our job, but because we are all part of this phenomenal place that is the Lone Star State Capital and which we call “home.”

That’s why a growing number of people from Austin and San Antonio have chosen us to be their go-to moving service. We all live in the region and we are deeply invested in making sure your move will allow you to start a new chapter in your life the best way possible in Central Texas.

We are more than happy to take the burden of logistics from your shoulders as you immerse yourself in new and exciting possibilities – because that’s what a real Austin moving company does, and that’s the kind of professional, proudly-Texan service Haul ATX delivers time and again.

Top Ranked Apartment Movers in the ATX-SA region

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Stellar Customer Satisfaction

Over the course of a year we have performed +300 moves. All of them were met with an outstanding reaction from our customers, many of whom have publicly shared their appreciation for our diligent service.

Coincidence? Of course not!

With Haul ATX, the customer always comes first. It is one of our service’s fundamental principles to ensure every one of our clients has a superb moving experience.

And the proof is in the pudding – or rather, in a whopping 4.9/5 rating score on Google Reviews! This is because our team excels in putting the customer’s needs front-and-center, carrying out a smooth, stress-free move with the utmost punctuality, efficiency, care and technical expertise.

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Quality Service at Affordable Rates

Our ultimate goal is simple: when people think of Austin movers, they think first and foremost of Haul ATX movers, because they know they are getting an exceptional moving experience without breaking their piggy bank!

After all, we know how difficult it can be to find a moving service that can be “affordable” and “cheap” as well as “reliable,” “timely” and “efficient.”

Hence we are committed to provide Austinites with the best of both worlds, and nothing less. No hidden fees, no silly premiums – just the finest moving service they can ask for at a competitive price.

What our customers say about us

Your satisfaction is our top priority, as proven by our customers’ overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

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